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Welcome to The Nook Refillery!


How many of us have ever bought something impulsively? The last minute grab on our way to the checkout? Stores are SET UP this way- so customers will make snap choices on last minute items. We’re all guilty of indulging in things we might not ACTUALLY need- we’re human- but how much thought do we put into the things we do? The way we consume our everyday essentials? What if there was an accessible and easy way for you to make better choices- the type that won’t give you buyers remorse after you unpack them?

That’s where we come in. At The Nook, our goal is to facilitate the shift to mindfully purchasing for your home, whether you are totally new to the idea of living a more low impact life, or you’re a seasoned veteran. We want to give the Squamish community an alternative for purchasing high quality, long-lasting products while having a positive impact on the amazing environment we all live in and love.





Where we began  


The Nook started when co-founder Jessica Bertrand, a Squamish local for the last 4 years, realized just how much waste she was creating in her own home. Growing up in Quebec, her family was on the seasoned end of the spectrum, mindfully composting and trying to reduce their waste as much as possible. After searching for options in Squamish and realizing that there weren’t many available, her entrepreneurial spirit kicked in and opening a refillery became the exact opportunity she wanted. 



Her co-founder Aubre Miles, originally from Illinois but has called Squamish home for the last 7 years, has always been mindful of reducing waste. Anybody that knows her knows that she is the kind of person that can make something out of nothing; the type to bang out a full meal after finding two leeks in her fridge. The two worked together at Meticulous Cleaning, a local cleaning service that Jessica started in 2017, and realized that their shared passion for living a more low impact lifestyle made opening The Nook kismet.  Through inspiration and a lot of tireless work, their refillery idea has finally come to life!


What we do 


We offer a range of quality refill household products - think detergent, shampoo and dish soaps- while also carrying other eco-conscious accessories and pantry goods. We believe in every product in our store and hope that you’ll be as stoked on them as we are!

We know things are a bit hairy right now, and in light of Covid-19, we have made the necessary changes from a traditional refillery format. We are, of course, still minimizing our impact with the use of reusable bottles that will be sanitized and swapped after each refill.

Our hope is to move towards a ‘BYOC’ (Bring Your Own Container) format once we feel it is safe to do so. Currently, we are offering in-store shopping and curbside pickup, with delivery plans to launch very soon! 




The long and short of it


We want The Nook to be a place you look forward to coming into; a comfortable, local shop that cares about the community it is a part of. We don’t claim to be “eco experts” and are always continuing to learn how we can be better. What’s important to us is offering an alternative, on whatever scale that looks like for you and your family, to be able to make small but impactful changes. 





We’re located on the corner of Victoria and Third Avenue in Downtown Squamish-pop in and say hi! 


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