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High End Hippie

Salon Conditioner Bar


High End Hippie's handmade salon conditioner bars are an incredible alternative to your 'cant-live-without-it' luxury salon conditioners. Specially formulated for your particular hair type, they are comparable in quality, but are even better for the environment. Pairs perfectly with our self drying soap dish.

Find our which is best for your hair below: 

Awaken Bar - Transforms fine, thin hair : Lightest of all 5 bars

Aroma | Rosemary & Peppermint

Herbal Infusion | Lavender

Perfect for | Fine, Thin Hair


Clarify Bar - Remove product build-up and leave brassiness behind

Aroma | Lemongrass, Basil & Lemon

Herbal Infusion | Chamomile

Perfect for | Blondes, Grays & Normal/Oily Hair


Restore Bar -  Restore dry and damaged hair : Creamiest of all 5 bars

Aroma | Lavender & Ylang Ylang 

Herbal Infusion | Milky Oats 

Perfect for | Thick, Curly, Normal & Dry/Damaged Hair


Soothe Bar - Best for a dry scalp : Colloidal oatmeal + Rose are great for sensitive skin

Aroma | Geranium, Sage & Vetiver 

Herbal Infusion | Rose & Marshmallow Root 

Perfect for | Inflammatory Scalp Conditions, Sensitive Skin & Normal/Dry Hair 


Curbside Pickup is available for all of our products online.

Pick up is available Tuesday - Saturday between 12 pm-4 pm.

Just give us a call once you arrive and we will place your order in the crate just outside our front door for contactless pickup. If you're dropping off a bottle for a swap, pop it in there too!


If you have any questions, please reach out and we would be happy to assist you!

Salon Conditioner Bar