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Sea of Roses

Sage + Palo Santo Bundle


Cleanse your space, body and mind with this sage and palo santo bundle. 

3 x palo santo sticks from fallen bursar graveolens trees, which are not endangered. 1 x sustainably sourced white sage -3” stick packaged in a stamped muslin bag

How to use:

Palo santo - hold a piece of of the wood slightly upside down and light the tip until there is a small flame. After about 1 minute, blow it out so only smoke is produced. Keep blowing on the ember end to release more smoke.

Sage: light your sage stick over your flameproof bowl until a small flame has caught. While holding your sage over the bowl, lightly blow on the flame until it goes out. The sage will then smoke gently like incense.

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If you have any questions, please reach out and we would be happy to assist you!

Sage + Palo Santo Bundle